The 2018 CoSA/NAGARA/SAA Host Committee Blog is Up and Running!

Welcome Flowers

Currier & Ives. Welcome. New York: Published by Currier & Ives. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

Hello and welcome to our blog! I am Danna Bell, one of the co-chairs of this year’s Host Committee. My co-chair Casey Coleman and the rest of our committee are looking forward to welcoming you to Washington, D.C. for our joint annual meeting.

Many of you have been to Washington, D.C. in the past for conferences or other activities and may think you know the nation’s capital. We hope with this blog to share new places to visit and also give you some fresh ideas about some familiar locations. We’ll remind you of basic information including how to effectively navigate Metro, let you know about other transportation options, and where to find cheap and quick food. We’ll tell you where to find places with good music, great independent bookstores and nearby supermarkets and drugstores.

In addition you’ll learn what’s happening at the embassies during the conference, get information on some of the lesser known museums in D.C. and learn about the murals found throughout the city. And if you want we’ll let you know where you can get crafty, find local brews or get a tattoo to commemorate your trip.

The blog will also be your place to find out about tours and open houses, service projects and other events taking place during the conference. We hope you’ll come back and visit often. I think you’ll find lots of fun and useful information.

So welcome to the blog and see you in a little less than five months.

Danna Bell
Library of Congress

Casey Coleman
United States Securities and Exchange Commission

Elaine Bachmann
Maryland State Archives

Katie Dishman
Marriott International

Esther Hidalgo
National Archives and Records Administration

Jennifer King
The George Washington University

John Martinez
National Archives and Records Administration

Douglas McElrath
University of Maryland

Susan McElrath
University of California, Berkley

Katherine Seitz
National Archives and Records Administration

Rosalye Settles
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Charlotte Sturm
National Archives and Records Administration

Amanda Vasquez
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Anna Yallouris
National Archives and Records Administration

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